The playing field of DJ Sid: The Mutual connection between music choice and atmosphere

Het speelveld van DJ Sid

,, A DJ plays an important role in creating and maintaining the atmosphere of a night”, tells DJ Sid. For almost 6 years, he can be found regularly as a tango DJ at events of Tango Centro in The Hague. ,,A DJ can and should feel the atmosphere in a room. The choice of music and the atmosphere have a mutual connection. The atmosphere influenced the choice of music and the music choice affected the atmosphere. This is the playing field for a DJ. “

After he started about seven years ago as a dancer, DJ Sid gets quickly under the spell of the music. ,,After each lesson I was to be found near the laptop of the teacher to hear what music was used. This way I developed my knowledge and taste”, he explains. ,,After many hours of DJ-ing and thanks to the opportunities that I have gotten to gain experience, I developed my vision of building a night for dancers”. Dancers prefer recognition, claimed Sid: ,,The music has to offer guidance. Unlike live music, which means dancers get more challenge and unpredictability, the choice of music played by a DJ requires more recognition. Classics rooted in tango history as a basis to build a beautiful evening. ”

The base in the familiar music offers the opportunity for DJ Sid to build towards his own favorites. ,,In the interaction between music and atmosphere you can make your choices each time. It’s a challenge to make the music fit in well with the atmosphere and from there to make small adjustments and test how the dancers respond”. He experiences it every time as an exciting quest to find the balance. In it, he has a passion for layered music. Music you can dance on in many different ways and in which dancers can lose their creativity. ,, It takes time to build up to that music. And it’s great if that works. “