Tengo Pal Truco

Tengo Pa'l Truco tijdens Tangoclub Villa SonsbeekThis quartet was founded in 2008 in the city of Lincoln, Buenos Aires, Argentina. It develops its work on Argentine Music crossing the different folklore currents, tango, new tango and jazz. Its members are Carlos Passeggi, Luís Hopua, Gonzalo Villalba and Damián Balarino. Individually or as a whole they have developed in various musical activities: composition, folkloric groups, tango, jazz and rock bands, percussion ensembles, music of “Astor Piazzolla” and academic music. Therefore influences, differences or coincidences can be observed, as well as the projections that this formation possesses.

The quartet proposes with an original instrumentation to find from the new roots expressions of the Argentine Music. Its sonorous material ranges from a bandoneon sound, a guitar a bombo legüero (argentine folk bass drum), up to electronic sounds and voices basing the arrangements on the percussion and the piano.

The first album edited by the group has the particularity of interlacing some songs little spread of the popular song-book with classic ones and compositions of the members of the quartet, where the Argentine paces play and interact with contemporary styles as jazz and electronic music. They are in The Netherlands for a few day’s during their European tour. A great chance to listen and dance to the music of this unique group.

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