Tangomusic has ‘the groove’

,, My left hand can influence a whole orchestra”, says pianist Wim Warman. For years he has an addiction to tango music. After graduating light music at the Rotterdam Conservatory, he came by chance in contact with the music. ,, I fulfilled my alternative service at the Rotterdam Conservatory. I did al kind of jobs. During my work I heard musicians of the tango department practicing. I became acquainted with Leo Vervelde and Carel Kraayenhof, with whom I went to play a year later in Sexteto Canyengue. I did this 3,5 years.”

Warman explains what appeals to him in the music: ,, From a musical perspective, the music often simple. It is surprising how much depth there is in the music. You can really feel the music. Tango can have a “groove”. A nice sturdy rhythm, that is played for example by the piano or the bass. This “groove” can be the impulse for the body to move”, he continues enthusiastically. ,, I play this on the piano with my left hand. A nice bass which lays the foundation on which the other musicians can play and which the dancers can dance. ”

Warman not only pays attention to his fellow musicians. He always looks to the dance floor: ,, You can see how dancers react to the music. If you look closely, you can see what the dancers need. When I see dancers need more time and space in the music, I can influence the pace of the orchestra with my left hand. You could say that my left hand carries the whole orchestra”. The energetic and playful piano-play of Warman is contagious for dancers and music lovers.

For years Warman plays in various ensembles. During the Tango Club at Castle Maurick he plays with the trio TangoZZ & More. Together with saxophonist Ruud Bergamin and violinist Ruzana Tsymbalova. The musicians love to improvise. So at this Tangoclub you can dance on and listen to the famous tango classics and original songs composed for the trio. Always with a special twist. The combination with a 2-course dinner the Tangoclub is also interesting for lovers of music and culinary delights.

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