Tangoclub Maurick Castle is special in more then one way

Kasteel Maurick 011,,Co√∂peration and bundling of resources is the key to success. ” Frank Perquin representative of the Dutch International Tangoweek Foundation is proud. In collaboration with Selmar Duin of Tangosalon Mystic he organizes on Easter Monday the special Tangoclub Maurick Castle. ,, By joining forces, we can really offer something special”, Selmar adds.

,,We believe that beautiful live music in special places is an addition to the returning milongas “said Selmar. ,, In addition, a Tangoclub is more than a milonga. It’s a place you can bring non-dancing friends”. Tangoclub Maurick Castle is an experience for dancers and lovers of a culinary treat. ,,We have special dinner dance tickets. During the Tangoclub we serve dinner at your table”.

For non-dancers Tango Club Castle Maurick a chance to get acquainted with the music and the dance. Perquin: ,,We present live music and a nice dinner served at the table. Maurick Castle is renowned as a culinary hotspot. Dancers, of course, have the possibility of a lot of dancing. Non-dancers can enjoy dinner, live music and the music of DJ Angel. We expect that this leads to an increase in the number of people who would like to then learn how to dance “.

A new concept in the tango world always takes some time. ,, Dancers have expectations. We want to broaden it”. Selmar explains. ,,Of course there is a good dancing floor and beautiful music. The music selection takes music lovers into account. The choice is classic, but designed so that it triggers the musicality of dancers. The live music will do the rest”.

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