Tangoclub Villa Sonsbeek – Arnhem

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Tangoclub Villa SonsbeekThe park Sonsbeek consisted in the 18th century of three separate areas: the Wildbaan, the Hartgersberg (Heart Mountain) and Sonsbeek. The Wildbaan lay round about the present Parkweg. The Hartgersberg was centered around the site where now stands the Villa Sonsbeek and northeasterly direction Apeldoornseweg and southeastern direction Sonsbeekweg, region thereof. Sonsbeek included the grounds around the existing lake, the Jansbeek and Belvédèreheuvel (the southwestern and northwestern area so).

In 1742 the estate the Hartgersberg fl 6,000.00 was purchased by Adriana van Bayen from India (born in 1723 in Batavia). In 1744 by she ordered town carpenter Anthony Viervant to build a house. The cost of this building amounted to NLG 12,000.00. A huge sum for that time. As the daughter of a wealthy Indies Ganger was this sum for Adriana no problem. The house of Van Bayen is the present central part of the ‘White House’, but with a much lower level. In 1749 Adriana married mr. Johan Jongbloet, lawyer at the court of Gelderland.

Since 1790 the House Heart Mountain was owned by Jan Frederik Diemer that Gerard Belaerts of Wieldrecht, the son of Adriana van Bayen had bought. Probably it has been Diemer who let build two wings in 1797. A so-called cupola room at the rear of the building already existed in 1790 when Jacob de Raadt Gessler during his trip Gelderland ‘visited Belaerts. In 1808, the house is sold again. Daniel Ruysch, owner since 1797, it sells off the Hague derived Baron Theodore de Smeth, chamberlain of the king. In 1806 had the Smethport, already bought the estate Sonsbeek. With the Hartgersberg purchase in 1808 created a new large estate which was given the name Sonsbeek.

In 1821 came the estate, for an amount of NLG 210.000,00 owned by Jacob Hendrik Carel Jan Baron van Heeckeren of Enghuizen. Under him Sonsbeek reached its greatest extent: over eight hundred hectares. Also Heeckeren of Enghuizen bought the area east of the Apeldoornseweg (St. Marten and Sonsbeek) Alteveer, most of the current Mayor Quarter and grounds the Waterberg, which stretched as far as the King’s.
The Smeth went from 1808 to live in the house on the Hartgersberg. Also H.J.C.J. van Heeckeren of Enghuizen chose Hartgersberg as live and let enlarge the house.

In 1899, the Municipality of Arnhem was for an amount of 1.1 million guilders, owner of the remainder of the estate and the house on the Hartgersberg.
From 1900 until just leased the town the villa as a hotel before the Second World War: ‘Hotel Sonsbeek. It does not yet plastered building was provided with additional bathrooms and toilets and huge solar awnings. After the war there were several users of the building: the Forestry School, Sonsbeek Comprehensive School and the Lorentz Scholengemeenschap used it as an annexe.

Beginning in 1987 the municipality sold the troubled property in poor condition for fl 670,000.00 to a group of developers led by Zwollenaar Martin Eibrink (inter alia the owner of football club PEC Zwolle). When executed when restoration main shape of the building is preserved. Well a big wrought iron fence and a moat was constructed to the building. This is theft in to the new user of the building, the sale museum SIAC (Sonsbeek International Art Centre). On May 26 1989, the restored villa was opened, but soon the SIAC went bankrupt. The Municipality of Arnhem exercised its redemption right and the villa came so again held in Arnhem 2.6 million guilders in 1992. From November 1994 was Sonsbeek Art & Design, a joint venture of the Belgian art dealer Stefaan Delbaere and jewelry designer Hans Appenzeller. The gallery kept there permanent art sales exhibitions (among others Dali, Chagall). After a year Appenzeller withdrew and Delbaere could barely keep their heads above water, the exhibition activities were permanently discontinued despite an expansion of the catering function since 2000. In 2004.