Tangoclub Paviljoen de Witte – Den Haag – Sunday, June 10th, 2018

A Royal Location

Paviljoen de Witte is also called the Royal Pavillion. It’s the former summer-residence of Queen Wilhelmina. Read more about the locati0n

The best live music: Duo Warman en van der Weerden

The best tangomusic takes center stage. We always invite the best (international) musicians. Check our line up here.

2-course dinner

With the best music goes a culinary experience. That’s one of the talents of the Chef. We serve a great 2-course dinner at your tabel. Check the menu here.

Paviljoen de Witte - A Royal Location

The Pavilion Von Wied (also: The Royal Pavilion and Pavilion De Witte) is an royal residence in Scheveningen. It was built in 1827 by order of King William I as a birthday present for his wife Queen Frederica Louisa Wilhelmina of Prussia. She had to stay close to the sea in connection with her health and she drew and painted a lot here. The pavilion was built according to a neoclassical design by Adriaan Noordendorp in the shape of a cross and with two stream gods, Waal with trident and Maas with oar at the entrance. Initially this was called 'The Royal Pavilion'. Willem I left the pavilion to his son Prince Frederick who did not stay there often. Frederiks daughter Marie inherited the pavilion in 1881. Then it was named after her family; she was married to Wilhelm Adolf van Wied. Until 1911, the pavilion would remain the property of her family. Edward Titus Rubinstein bought the pavilion of the Von Wied family and sold it to Sociƫteit De Witte seven years later.

Live: Duo Warman and van der Weerden

A special combination. It is the best way to describe the duo Warman and Van der Weerden. Both virtuoso on their instrument. Wim Warman on the piano and Simone van der Weerden on bandoneon. During their previous performance, they effortlessly captured the musical hearts of the visitors. Tango music in a way you rarely encounter it. Straight from the heart and adjusted to the moment. Although the basis consists of well-known classics, both musicians put their feeling of the moment into their music. In doing so, they inspire by the dancers on the dance floor. A unique experience for dancer and music lover.

Wim Warman (pianist): Wim plays the piano full of fire. Whether it concerns classic and well-known tango's or his own compositions. A blessing for the ear. He played in the famous orchestras of Carel Kraayenhof and toured around the world. He started his career with a study at the Rotterdam Conservatory with Hammond organ as main subject. His style is characterized by the crossover of jazz and tango. Wonderfully danceable and full of fire. His piano playing is often experienced as a whole orchestra from 1 instrument.

Simone van der Weerden (bandoneon): As far as we are concerned, Simone is the best bandoneon player in the Netherlands. Virtuoso on this special and complex instrument. She followed her education at the conservatory of Tilburg and Rotterdam. In Argentina she took lessons with, among others, Roberto Alvarez and Julian Peralta, Nestor Marconi and Santiago Segret. You can hear her in various line-ups and tango orchestras. Her improvising style makes her a versatile musician who always stays tuned to the dancers on the floor.

For dancers, we provide a safe and smooth dancing floor. This evening our DJ is DJ Sid (NL). For best dancing experience, bring you favorite dancing partner.

2-gangen diner

We serve a 2-course dinner at your table in the dining room. This will also be a culinary event. You can choose between vegetarian and meat with your order. At 18:30 we serve the main course. The dessert is served after the first set of live music. We coordinate live music and dinner so that you do not have to miss anything.

Main course, a choice between meat and vegetarian:

Meat: New Zealand's lamb's tailpiece eggplant | cumin puree | muesli of almond, fig & rosemary | baby spinach

Vegetarian: Duck pea | roasted cauliflower truffle tortellini | quail egg asparagus


Pure chocolate genache roasted orange cream macadamia | salted caramel | Italian meringue

Dietary requirements can be processed if you specify them with the order. Do you want to sit at a table with friends? No problem. If you specify it with your order, we will process it in our table layout.

Make your reservation

Paviljoen de Witte is easily accessible by public transport. And unique for Scheveningen: it is possible to park for free at the door.