Tangoclub Kasteel Maurick – Vught – Sunday, April 22th, 2018

The best live music: Opus Cuatro

The best tangomusic takes center stage. We always invite the best (international) musicians. Check our line up here.

The Maurick Magic

We always choose the best and most beautiful locations. Castles, Palaces and Country Houses. Read more about the Maurick Magic

2-course dinner

With the best music goes a culinary experience. That’s one of the talents of the Chef. We serve a great 2-course dinner at your tabel. Check the menu here.

Kasteel Maurick - Enchanting Location

Kasteel Maurick, close to Den Bosch, is a location as you would expect from a castle. A drawbridge, tower rooms and a moat. In the courtyard is 'the Orangery', a spacious place where we will do something special.

The oldest part of the current castle dates from 1400 and concerns the entrance area between two slender towers. The gate provided with a pointed arch can be reached via a drawbridge. The central part of the building has two out-of-the-way hanging towers. Behind it is the main tower that has been crowned with a slate covered with slate. The right wing is only partly 17th century, the rest was added at the end of the 19th century.

Next to the castle lies estate "Maurick" with a size of 23 ha. It is owned by the BV to the exploitation of the Maurick Estate and is located on the transition area from slightly higher grounds to the Dommel Valley. The area has a colony of blue herons that is one of the largest in the Netherlands. The area is definitely worth a walk.

Did you know that you can also stay at Kasteel Maurick? Via the webshop you can reserve 1 of the 3 castle rooms.

Live: Opus Cuatro

At this special location we offer special live music. With limited and sometimes even without instruments, the men of Opus Cuatro put a special atmosphere with their voices. When the four voices sound together, there seems to be a complete orchestra. The voices of this unique group are known on stages throughout America, Europe and Japan. Since its founding in 1968, the group has increasingly focused on tangos and other South American repertoire. Opus Cuatro has given more than 7800 concerts in theaters and on radio and TV in more than 450 cities around the world. The size of the audience varied from a few dozen at private concerts to 300,000 during the transition to the new millennium in Buenos Aires. They can be heard almost every year at Cosquín's large music festival.

The 4 voices sounds like a complete orchestra. A special quality. They released 22 CDs. In 2002 they received the Premio Carlos Gardel for their CD Tangos, valses y milongas. The prize, comparable to the Dutch Edison, was awarded in the 'tango CD of group or orchestra' category, and in 2011 they received the Premio Gardel for their Opus Cuatro-Sinfonico.

CDs are available during and after the orchestra.

Members of the orchestra: Simon Fahey - 1st tenor / Aníbal Bresco - 2th tenor / Hernando Irahola - bariton / Federico Galiana - bas

For dancers, we provide a safe dancingfloor. Our DJ this evening is DJ Diana Michel (NL/DE/GB).

2-gangen diner

 We serve a 2 course dinner at your table in the dance room. You can choose between vegetarian and meat at your order. There you can also specify your dietary wishes and with which of your friends you want to sit at the table. At 18:30 we serve the main course. The dessert is served after the first set of live music. We match the live music and dinner so you do not have to miss anything.

Main course, choose between meat and vegetarian:

  • Meat: Beef tenderloin sukade | gravy of rosemary | potato pea broad bean puffed tomato
  • Vegetarian: Sweet Potato potato cornichons | sweet sour onion | pineapple | mini vegetable | vadouva


Choose between:

  • Cassis | white chocolate | yogurt cheesecake | Bastogne

Dietary requirements can be processed if you specify them with the order. Would you like to sit at a table with friends? No problem. If you specify it with your order, we will process it in our table layout.

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