Tangoclub de Haar- Utrecht – Sunday January 6th, 2019

Kasteel de Haar: Sprookjes bestaan

Voor bijzondere evenementen kiezen we bijzondere locaties. Kastelen, paleizen en landhuizen hebben onze voorkeur. Lees meer over de sprookjesachtige sfeer van het Koetshuis van Kasteel de Haar.

2-gangen diner

Bij mooie muziek hoort een bijzondere culinaire ervaring. Dat kun je wel overlaten aan de chef van Koetshuis de Haar. We serveren een mooi 2-gangen diner aan tafel. Bekijk het menu hier.

De beste live muziek: Tango Extremo

In de Tangoclub staat muziek centraal. Wij nodigen altijd de beste muzikanten uit Nederland en het buitenland uit. Check hier de line-up van dit evenement.

In concert: Aubrey Snell (sax) featuring Trio Tangata

 A Tangoclub is a special place for special music. We bring concerts to places where the music feels best at home. Fairytale-like or full of nostalgia. Sparkling or barely discovered.  We bring the Unesco immaterial heritage from the concert halls to the people. In a unique way combined with culinary indulgence and for enthusiasts a dance floor. This way you can literally taste the atmosphere of an authentic Tangoclub from Argentina.

Especially for this fifth New Year's Tangoclub in the coach house of Castle de Haar we have something special. A bit off the beaten track, but certainly a top-level concert where the feet can get off the floor. We invited: Aubrey Snell (sax) featuring Trio Tangata.

Aubrey Snell studied classical saxophone with Frank Timpe at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague, graduated her Master in June 2007 cum laude and immediately received an award for her theatrical originality. Her Bachelor studies at the Royal Conservatoire with Leo van Oostrom and subsequently at the Utrecht Conservatory with Johan van der Linden and Willem van Merwijk were also completed cum laude in January 2005. Aubrey attended master classes with saxophonists such as David Liebman, Steve Mauck, John Sampen, Philippe Geiss, Guy Goethals and Nobuya Sugawa. Now she is setting her sights on tango.

During the concert she will be accompanied by Trio Tangata, famous faces in the Utrecht Tangoscene. The trio is composed of Margreet Markerink (piano), Jacqueline Edeling (bandoneon) and Boris Franz (Bas).

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For dancers we provide a safe and smooth dance floor.  The evening will be musically filled in by DJ Coos. Because of the subjective nature of a good match, it is unfortunately not possible for us to actively balance the number of leaders and followers. We advise you to make an appointment with a dance partner for the best match. An alternative is to join us for dinner. We strive to put separate leaders and followers together.

Koetshuis de Haar - A fairy-tale location

 Kasteel de Haar (formerly Het Huys te Haer, van Oergermaans *Haru, sandy ridge) is a castle near Haarzuilens, near Vleuten in the municipality of Utrecht. It is the largest castle in the Netherlands. It was from 1892 on the ruins of the old castle rebuilt in neo-Gothic style. Next to the castle is a chapel.

The famous architect Pierre Cuypers was called in to rebuild the castle. He worked on it for 20 years (from 1892 to 1912) in close cooperation with his son Joseph Cuypers. Although the baron and baroness never intended to live in the castle permanently, it was equipped with all the comforts that were available in Europe at the end of the 19th century. The castle had to be very comfortable in order to receive at least in the late summer, in August and September, great guests.

We experience the magic of the castle in the nearby coach house. The entrance to the romantic castle gardens for a beautiful winter walk is included in the entrance fee.

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2-course dinner

Tango is about socializing with friends. Food and drink take an important role in Argentine culture. Therefore we serve a 2 course dinner. When ordering you can choose between vegetarian and meat. At 18:30 we serve the main course. The dessert is served after the first set of live music. We match live music and dinner, so you don't have to miss anything.

Main course, a choice between meat and vegetarian:

  • Meat: Dry aged sirloin steak - puree with sun-dried tomatoes - zucchini paste - snow peas - chervil and parsnip cream - Madeira gravy
    Vegetarian: ratatouille of grilled vegetables with tomato foam


  • Dessert: cinnamon panna cotta - chocolate brownie - star anise foam - stewed pear ice cream - pear laid in bastogne

Dietary requirements can be processed if you specify them when ordering. Would you like to sit at a table with friends? No problem. If you state it with your order, we will process it in our table layout.