Tangoclub de Haar – Sunday, January 7th, 2018

2-course dinner

With the best music goes a culinary experience. That’s one of the talents of the Chef. We serve a great 2-course dinner at your tabel. Check the menu here.

The best live music: Tango Extremo

In a Tangoclub live music takes center stage. We always book the best music from The Netherlands and abroad. Check here the line-up of this event.

Kasteel de Haar: Fairy Tales exists

For special events, we choose special locations. Castles and Palaces are our favorites. Read more about the fairy tale atmosphere of Koetshuis Kasteel de Haar.

Koetshuis de Haar - Fairy tales exist

The Chateau de Haar's Koetshuis is on the edge of the famous estate. Anyone entering the gateway can follow the signs on their way to the entrance. In the Grote Laverie we have a beautiful spacious place where you can feel the history of this magnificent location.

Kasteel de Haar itself is the largest castle in the Netherlands. It was rebuilt in neo-Gothic style from 1892 on the ruins of the old castle. Next to the castle is a chapel. For the rebuilding of the castle, the famous architect Pierre Cuypers was employed, who worked for 20 years in close collaboration with his son Joseph Cuypers (from 1892 to 1912). Although the baron and baroness never intended to permanently occupy the castle, it was provided with all the comforts that were available in Europe at the end of the 19th century.

If you like, with a Tangoclub de Haar ticket you can visit the castle's gardens for free. These are open until 17:00.

Live: Trio Tango Extremo

Since its foundation in 2003, Trio Tango Extremo has experienced a development that is at least "remarkable". The orchestra has played on practically all major and small concert stages of the Netherlands and abroad. In August 2009, Tango Extremo was the only non-Argentinian orchestra at the Buenos Aires Tango Festival in Argentina: the most prestigious tango festival in the world. In 2016 and 2017 the orchestra went through Russia. RTV West and RTV Rijnmond sent out a documentary (45 minutes).

The group has earned his place amongst the best Dutch Tango groups. It plays at the most varied stages, ranging from jazz festival to classical concert hall to tango salon. Creativity, the interacting with the dancers and their improvisational ability makes it a popular orchestra.


For dancers, we provide a dancing floor. And between live-music DJ Mateo El Fino will provide great music.

2-course dinner

We serve a 2 course dinner at your table in the dance room. You can choose between vegetarian and meat at your order. There you can also specify your dietary wishes and with which of your friends you want to sit at the table. At 18:30 we serve the main course. The dessert is served after the first set of live music. We match the live music and dinner so you do not have to miss anything.

Diner tijdens een TangoclubHMain course, choose between meat and vegetarian:

Dry aged entrecote - puree of sun dried tomatoes - zucchini paste - peultjes - cream of parsley and parsnip - Madeira sauce

Polenta - Sun dried tomato puree - Zucchini paste - Peuluts - Cream of pork and parsnip - Lemon grass sauce


cinnamon panna cotta - chocolate brownie - star anise foam - stewed ice cream - bastogne pear

Make your reservation

Good to know:

  • With your reservation, you have free entry to the Castle gardens (these close at 17:00 hrs)
  • Parking is free for visitors of Tangoclub de Haar
  • When rainy, the paths around the location can be muddy