Proud of the results of the first fiscal year

,,This was a great first year”, says Frank Perquin behalf of the Board of the Foundation Dutch International Tango Week. The fiscal year ended March 31, a few days after the successful Tangoclub Maurick Castle. ,, When I look back on the first year, then we can be proud on a great contribution to the development of the Argentine Tango in the Netherlands. “

The number of events that the Foundation has organized in collaboration with local partners doubled. ,, We contributed to the tango-scene in four regions. The way we did it varies by region. In Breda we had the first ever fully live played milonga of the Netherlands. And in Amersfoort we have started a beautiful salon in the Mariënhof. Which is now being continued independently by a local school. “

The number of visitors at the events is more than three times as high as in the year before the official establishment. ,, Especially the live music milonga in Breda has contributed to that. And of course, the success of the Tangoclub at de Haar Castle. Which was sold out in four weeks. “

The foundation is run by a board without tango interests. ,,This, we have deliberately chosen. An independent board makes the foundation more vigorous and agile”. Due to the independent directors, the foundation can, for each project, choose the partners with which it wants to work. ,, We are looking for plans that are distinguished. That can make tango special. Not more of the same. That’s an interesting quest”.