The Tangoweek is organized by the Dutch International Tangoweek foundation. It is the only independent and national operating tangofoundation.

Board of directors:

Members of the board are selected because they have a passion for the Argentine Tango and without any business interests (f.e. run a Tangoschool) that can cause a conflict of interest with their work for the foundation. Members of the board don’t get payed for their involvement.

Advisory board:

To make sure that the foundation has access to all the knowledge that is needed to perform, an advisory board is established. Members of the advisory board are chosen by the foundation board per year. This gives the foundation alle artist freedom while developing an innovative program. Members of the advisory board don’t get payed for their involvement.

ANBI recognition

The Dutch Tax Office has given the Tangoweek foundation an ANBI recognition. Donations to the Tangoweek foundation are for 125% or 150% tax-deductable. We also adapted the Gouvernace Cultural Code for honest and fair practice.