Live Stream

Live Stream


Live on Sunday, May 31th, Replay on Monday June 1st

Start Time Start Time   Live From
Central European Time Argentina Standard Time Orchestra Location
16:00 11:00 Trio Martin de Ruiter Amersfoort
16:30 11:30 Bandonegro Warschau
17:00 12:00 Trio Martin de Ruiter Amersfoort
16:30 12:30 Cuarteto Rotterdam Berlin
18:00 13:00 Trio Escapada Amersfoort
18:30 13:30 Cuarteto Rotterdam Berlin
19:00 14:00 Trio Escapada Amersfoort
19:30 14:30 Ensemble Hyperion Italie
20:00 15:00 Julie And Andreas Amersfoort
20:30 15:30 Ensemble Hyperion Italie
21:00 16:00 Omar Mollo & Juan Pablo Dobal Amersfoort
21:30 16:30 El Cachivache Quinteto Buenos Aires
22:00 17:00 Omar Mollo & Juan Pablo Dobal Amersfoort






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