Kunsthal Kade – Amersfoort (EN)

“Inspiring, modern and actual”

Kade Kafe

Kade Kafe is part of Kunsthal Kade, one of the prestige projects of the Municipality of Amersfoort. In 2005, the municipality of Amersfoort chose the architectural firm Neutelings Riedijk Architecten to design a building for four users. The architect chose one building, in which the rooms of the different users merge into one another. According to the architect, Michiel Riedijk, the building had to be more than a beautiful storage place for books. He uses the term “public interior”: “an extension of Eemplein outside, a stage for urban activities and, above all, a meeting place. Everyone, regardless of age, income or cultural background, must feel welcome here,’ says Riedijk.

The unity with the other buildings on Eemplein was achieved by the “plinth”, which connects to the adjacent buildings. The Eemhuis stands out through the use of aluminium balls on the fa├žade. These spheres, which refer to the shield of St George, the patron saint of the city of Amersfoort, are also found in the interior of the building. The Kade Kafe is located on the ground floor of the building and has a wide view to the outside, to the Eemplein.

Kade Cafe will host the opening party of the Dutch International Tangoweek on May 30, 2020.