Kasteel Maurick – Den Bosch

Kasteel Maurick - an enchanting location

 Kasteel Maurick, close to Den Bosch, is a location as you would expect from a castle. A drawbridge, tower rooms and a moat. In the courtyard is 'the Orangery', a spacious place where we will do something special.

The oldest part of the current castle dates from 1400 and concerns the entrance area between two slender towers. The gate provided with a pointed arch can be reached via a drawbridge. The central part of the building has two out-of-the-way hanging towers. Behind it is the main tower that has been crowned with a slate covered with slate. The right wing is only partly 17th century, the rest was added at the end of the 19th century.

Next to the castle lies estate "Maurick" with a size of 23 ha. It is owned by the BV to the exploitation of the Maurick Estate and is located on the transition area from slightly higher grounds to the Dommel Valley. The area has a colony of blue herons that is one of the largest in the Netherlands. The area is definitely worth a walk.

Did you know that you can also stay at Kasteel Maurick? Via the webshop you can reserve 1 of the 3 castle rooms.