When was the last time Tangomusic gave you goose bumps?

Why are we moved by tango?

Goosebumps on your arms. We believe that Tangomusic deeply touch you. It can you make feel alive. Whether you want to experience that as a dancer or whilst enjoying a glass of wine and a great dinner. Music is there to show you that you are alive. In special places. With friends. Join us on an exploration trip. We would like to send you the invitations to our events.

What our guests say

This concept is great. The combination of live music and a great dinner makes it unique. I am already looking forward to the next Tangoclub.

Visitor Tangoclub Amsterdam CS

The people of the Tangoclub gave me a very warm welcome. It’s been a long time since I experienced hospitality like this. It’s great that people make the effort to organize these kinds of events.

Visitor Tangoclub Koetshuis de Haar

During the dinner you meet new people. Dancers and music lovers. Even if you visit this event on your own, it’s easy to connect to other people. And did you see the entry of this location?

Visitor Tangoclub Paviljoen de Witte

The atmosphere is unique. A great dinner and the best professional musicians. Fairy-tails exist. We had a great and enchanting evening.

Visitor Tangoclub Koetshuis de Haar.

This is great. With all trains in front of the Tangoclub. I met dancers from all over the country. This place is really made for live music. What a great acoustic.

Visitor Tangoclub Amsterdam CS

Yes, I want to join!

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