Trio Del Puerto

Trio Del Puerto A Little Harbourcafé Pre listen 1 “Enjoy with the locals”Bio and occupation Alvaro Rovira Ruiz and Gustavo Cabrera are both from Buenos Aires and have been living in the Netherlands for several years. Together with the Dutch Simone van der Weerden they founded this trio. Their common love for Argentine music and […]

Omar Mollo / Kay Sleking

Omar Mollo / Kay Sleking An Unforgettable Duo Pre listen 1 “Powerful Manly-hood”Bio and occupation Omar Mollo lived in Pergamino, a country town in the northern area of Buenos Aires. This is where he started singing and learned to play the guitar. In several years, he was a young and excellent guitar player, and the […]

The Story Behind The Music

Would you like to know what to look out for during the various concerts? Or where the Argentine Tango comes from? These and many more questions will be answered during the festival in this interactive and musical presentation. The presentation will give you the context that is nice to enjoy the concerts in more detail.

Roffa Tango Trio

Roffa Tango Trio Young, Modern, Captivating pre-listen 1 “The new generation is on the move”Bio and occupation Roffa Tango Trio focuses on existing ‘contemporary’ tango and explores new influences within the versatile music genre. Through their modern drive for innovation, the members succeed in creating their own style and telling a challenging, contemporary story. A […]

TangoZZ & More

TangoZZ & More Swinging, Jazzy and Dansable Pre listen 1 “Experience the sparkling energy”Bio and occupation Wim Warman is well-know in our Tangoclubs. In varying line-ups he has played with us several times a beautiful mixed repertoire of danceable Argentine Tango and jazz. Sometimes with a nod to classical music. Every time again he made […]

Ensemble Hyperion

Ensemble Hyperion Classical Tango in the  unique way Pre listen 1 “You rarely hear tango music performed this way”Bio and line up The Italian Ensemble Hyperion was founded in 1992. Since then this large orchestra has specialized in contemporary tango music and is inspired by the repertoire of Astor Piazzola. Since their foundation, they have given […]

Marlous Lazal

Marlous & de Mannen van de Tango Nostalgia Prelisten 1 “The tangible poetry of the traveller”Bio and occupation Together with her “Mannen van de Tango”, Marlous Lazal turns every song into sung reflections on desire, love and loneliness. During the Dutch International Tangoweek they will play pieces from their acclaimed theatre performance “Heimwee”. Straight from […]

Tango Extremo

Tango Extremo Refreshingly Swinging Pre-listen 1 “The best from different worlds”Bio and occupation A special Dutch ensemble that should not be missing on The Dutch International Tangoweek 2019 is Tango Extremo. This group of professional musicians is characterized by a broad and special repertoire in classical music, jazz, European and South American folklore, which is […]

Trio Escapada

Trio Escapada Surprising Tango Pre-listen 1 “Discover the connection with classical music”Bio and occupation Trio Escapada contains three Dutch top musicians. With a background in Argentine Tango and classical music they offer their audience an original and personal repertoire of tango, world music and new music. Their performances are a pleasure to watch and listen […]

Sexteto Milonguero

Sexteto Milonguero Classical Quality Listen to their music 1 “The real Tangoclub atmosphere”Bio and occupation Sexteto Milonguero, is no stranger to the Netherlands. They usually visit concert halls where the audience has to sit still and listen. During the Dutch Tangoweek we present them in a Tangoclub setting. You can dance with them, but you […]