Dutch International Tangoweek

Workshops for dancers

Many dancers find it difficult to dance to live music. Of course, unlike the music a DJ plays, live music is less predictable. At the same time this gives an extra dimension to the dance. After all, the Argentine Tango has been danced to live music for most of its history. That's why this festival offers you a unique opportunity to learn how to deal with live music as a dancer and what influence it has on your dancing. Workshops are given in English and/or Dutch, depending on the participants.

It is knowledge and experience that no school has in its curriculum. It's about more than just musicality. It is also about dealing with uncertainties and unpredictability. But above all, it's about enjoying the cooperation between dancers and musicians. In this workshop series by Danielle Riegel and Sebastián Coli Bazzini you will learn to enjoy the music and to relax in the improvisational atmosphere of musicians.

Danielle Riegel. Ever since she was a child, Danielle Riegel's life has been dominated by dance, music and movement. When the Argentine tango came on her path it was love at first sight. She is a passionate tango dancer who wants to continue to develop herself with great dedication. Before that she travels all over Europe and to Buenos Aires to dance and get lessons from the best dancers. Danielle has been teaching herself for many years and strives to pass on her love for the tango to her students as much as possible.

Sebastián Coli Bazzini (born in BsAs) is a tango addict. Since his first lesson he hasn't stopped learning. Always looking for a deeper connection with his partner, a more musical interpretation of a tango or a more comfortable technique with which complex movements flow effortlessly into one another. Since 2003 Sebastián has been sharing this passionate quest with the participants in his classes and workshops at festivals in the Netherlands and abroad.