Dutch International Tangoweek

Wim Warman & Friends

"Een bijzonder festival verdient een bijzondere opening"

Bio and occupation

The opening of a special festival deserves a special line-up. The mix of the talents of these musicians will let you experience the sparkling Argentine Tango. Festive, melancholic or a little wistful. Played from the heart of the musician who fully conveys his feelings.


Wim Warman studied at the Rotterdam Conservatoire with the Hammond organ as his main subject. Thereby he developed his piano playing. With the Sexteto Canyengue, founded by Leo Vervelde and Carel Kraayenhof, he toured the world. Since 2002 he has been a teacher at the Rotterdam Conservatoire with the department of Tango. He arranges, composes and inspires musicians in which improvisation plays an important role. He is a regular guest at the Tangoclub and this year also at the festival.

Tim Panman. Tim started playing guitar at the age of 6 under the guidance of Andrew Orme, who taught him the basics of classical guitar. During and after his studies Tim became a regular with many different ensembles and musical companies and he played concerts all over the world. After meeting his current teacher at the conservatory (Kay Sleking), Tim opted for the South American warmth of tango, and has not let go of A number of highlights in his concert career: The Concertgebouw (Amsterdam) the Xinhai Rehearsal Hall (Guangzhou, China) and the Historic Stadthalle in Wuppertal (Germany).

Ruzana Tsymbalova was born in Russia. She comes from an artistic family. Her father is a professional violinist, her mother is a dancer and singer. At the age of six she learned to play the violin. She finished her classical training in Russia in 1994 Cum Laude.  In 2003 Ruzana came to the Netherlands to further study and exchange. Tango music is her specialization. Since 2003 Ruzana performs with various orchestras in Europe and beyond. She has performed at the Buenos Aires Tango Festival.


  • Wim Warman – Piano
  • Tim Panman – Guitar
  • Ruzana Tsymbalova – Violin