Dutch International Tangoweek

Trio Escapada

"Discover the connection with classical music"

Bio and occupation

Trio Escapada contains three Dutch top musicians. With a background in Argentine Tango and classical music they offer their audience an original and personal repertoire of tango, world music and new music. Their performances are a pleasure to watch and listen to.

The Trio consists of Emma Breedveld (violin), Bence Huszar (cello) and Sebastiaan van Delft (piano). These professional musicians have earned their spurs in classical music and tango. They know how to touch their audience time and again with their surprising and sometimes moving sounds.

Let yourself be pampered by two beautiful listening concerts during the Dutch International Tangoweek. Once you've listened to Trio Escapada, you definitely want to hear more from them. Have you never heard them play together before? Then during the festival you get a perfect opportunity to get acquainted with this dynamic trio.