Dutch International Tangoweek

Trio Del Puerto

"Enjoy with the locals"

Bio and occupation

Alvaro Rovira Ruiz and Gustavo Cabrera are both from Buenos Aires and have been living in the Netherlands for several years. Together with the Dutch Simone van der Weerden they founded this trio. Their common love for Argentine music and culture has brought them together.

Trio del Puerto means in Dutch 'Trio van de Haven'. Rotterdam is of course a real port city and also the home of the musicians who all three live in the Delfshaven district. The great contrasts of urban and rural areas, and the warm mix of bandoneon, violin and guitar make it a colorful experience.


  • Simone van der Weerden (bandoneon)
  • Gustavo Cabrera (violin)
  • Alvaro Rovira Ruiz (guitar)