Dutch International Tangoweek

Tango Extremo

"The best from different worlds"

Bio and occupation

A special Dutch ensemble that should not be missing on The Dutch International Tangoweek 2019 is Tango Extremo. This group of professional musicians is characterized by a broad and special repertoire in classical music, jazz, European and South American folklore, which is combined with 'tango nuevo'.

Because the line-up may be a bit unusual, this gives the orchestra a lot of musical possibilities and a unique sound. In recent years Tango Extremo has specialised in music from the Argentine Río de la Plata area and various crossovers from the tango nuevo idiom. Tango Extremo is now a popular ensemble at home and abroad. They have performed on a wide variety of stages, ranging from classical concert halls to jazz festivals and tango salons. And now in June to admire and listen to during The Dutch International Tangoweek.


  • Tanya Schaap – violin and artistic director
  • Rob van Kreeveld – Piano
  • Sandor Kem - Double Bass