Dutch International Tangoweek

Roffa Tango Trio

"The new generation is on the move"

Bio and occupation

Roffa Tango Trio focuses on existing 'contemporary' tango and explores new influences within the versatile music genre. Through their modern drive for innovation, the members succeed in creating their own style and telling a challenging, contemporary story. A story about 'leading, following and feeling', about combining different musical cultures, about both passionate seduction and melancholic nostalgia. A unique mix of traditional tango, classical music and jazz. They also make their own arrangements, including music by Astor Piazzolla and compose their own songs.

Anke Steenbeke (piano), Simone van der Weerden (bandoneon) and Alexander Vocking (double bass) got to know each other during their music studies at Codarts, the conservatory of Rotterdam. Soon 'Roffa Tango Trio' was founded at the end of 2013 at the Argentine tango department of the Rotterdam conservatory. Roffa' is street language for the city name 'Rotterdam' and refers simply to the city where the musicians met. The trio was immersed in the principles of this inspiring musical style. They were coached by 'tango maestros' including Gustavo Beytelmann and Victor Villena.


  • Anke Steenbeke (piano)
  • Simone van der Weerden (bandoneon)
  • Alexander Vocking (double bass)