Dutch International Tangoweek

Omar Mollo / Kay Sleking

"Powerful Manly-hood"

Bio and occupation

Omar Mollo lived in Pergamino, a country town in the northern area of Buenos Aires. This is where he started singing and learned to play the guitar. In several years, he was a young and excellent guitar player, and the leader of a legendary rock band in the west suburban area. One day, however, as if he was following the strange fortune of a fanciful plan, Mollo bumped into tango, a genre he had been listening to since he was a boy in the family house in his natal Pergamino, and once they were face to face, the tango music talked to him directly, and he heard it say: “Hey, you are old enough now to start telling those things that actually happen to us”. In May 2018, “TANGO COSMOPOLITA” digital edition, is introduced in the commercial market and Sony Music Argentina, simultaneously in physical formats CD and vinyl. It is nominated for a Latin Grammy.


Kay Sleking accompanies Omar during the listening concerts on guitar and bandoneon. Kay is no stranger to the Tangoclubs that travel the country during the year. He was a guest with the very first one and returns regularly to us. Kay Sleking has played with the bandoneonists Alfredo Marcucci, Leo Vervelde, Victor Hugo Villena, Carel Kraayenhof and with pianists Wim Warman (Sexteto Canyengue) & Julian Peralta (Astillero), violinist Martijn van der Linden (Astillero) and others. Kay Sleking studied classical guitar at the Amsterdam and Rotterdam Conservatories. During his master study he specialized in Argentine tango at the Department Argentine Tango of the Rotterdam Conservatory, with the Argentine guitarist, arranger and composer Coco Nelegatti. He was laureate for his graduation concert and was hired as principal study teacher at the department.


  • Omar Mollo (singing)
  • Kay Sleking (guitar / bandoneon)