Dutch International Tangoweek

Martin de Ruiter Trio

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Spring 1954 ... Paris ... Astor Piazzolla is about to return to Argentina after a stay of a few months in France. Just before his departure, he attends another concert: a jazz octet conducted by baritone saxophonist Gerry Mulligan. It is a revelation for Piazzolla.
Back in Argentina, he immediately founded his Octeto Buenos Aires; modelled after a jazz band, with plenty of room for improvisation and with, sensational for the time, an electric guitar in the line-up. The encounter between these two music giants led to a real fusion of tango and jazz for the first time. During this concert, as a listener and as a dancer, you will experience the freedom that live tango offers.

During the Dutch International Tangoweek they will play in a 'Tangoclub' setting, which means that the concert will be open to listeners and dancers.

Martin the Horseman. Studied at the Amsterdam School of the Arts. As an accordionist he first focused on contemporary composed music. Through theatre music and film music he came into contact with the tango and the bandoneĆ³n. He played a.o. in Quinteto Capital Tango and played the solo bandoneĆ³n in 'Maria de Buenos Aires', tango opera by Piazzolla.

Elliot Muusses briefly studied tango at the Rotterdam Conservatory before he decided to devote himself entirely to jazz. He obtained his Master Degree in jazz guitar at the Conservatory of Amsterdam. He played in many jazz and tango ensembles including Trasnoche and Sexteto Canyengue.

Erik Winkelmann has played in the Metropole Orchestra since 1995. After studying classical bass at the Amsterdam Conservatory he studied jazz bass for some time. Besides all styles of light music he also played tango regularly in Conjunto Nuevo and Quinteto Capital Tango.

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