Dutch International Tangoweek

Marlous Lazal

"The tangible poetry of the traveller"

Bio and occupation

Together with her "Mannen van de Tango", Marlous Lazal turns every song into sung reflections on desire, love and loneliness. During the Dutch International Tangoweek they will play pieces from their acclaimed theatre performance "Heimwee". Straight from the heart sung and full of passion musically framed. The self-written Dutch repertoire makes you feel the nostalgia for countries where people still know the 'big gesture'. You will also hear the traditional Spanish tango of composers like Sebastián Piana and Astor Piazzolla. Marlous en de mannen van de Tango take you to the pubs of Havana and Buenos Aires and let you feel the tango deep in your heart.

Lazal has always been fascinated by homesickness. She herself travelled the world for the music and lived in Spain, Argentina and Uruguay to let flamenco and then Argentine tango penetrate deep into her fibres. Always torn between the longing for her roots in the Netherlands and coming home to the warm culture of these countries. This fascination is also reflected in her radio work. For example, she has produced 'Nostalgia for the present' about the poetry of the Argentine writer Jorge Luis Borges and 'Slauerhoff's syndrome' about the romantic soul of poet Jan Jacob Slauerhoff. Both poets play an important role in the programme of Marlous en de mannen van de Tango.


  • Mark Wyman (pianist and arranger)
  • Matias Pedrana (bandoneon)
  • Daniel Lehmann (double bass)
  • Marlous Lazal (song)