Dutch International Tangoweek

Julie and Andreas

"A daring interplay of harp and bandoneon"

Bio and line up

Extraordinary in his combinations, together with a touch of daring. That is what these classically trained virtuosos are all about. Their instruments, harp and bandoneon, seem a strange combination at first sight. Yet his brother and sister have taken up the challenge. And with success: the result is real... ...breathtaking.

With their unique combination of harp and bandoneon, the duo presents their new tango record "With the sky in our hands - the tangos". The album premiered in front of a full house of enthusiastic Argentineans at the world's biggest tango festival in Buenos Aires.

With this concert they make the statement "The harp - no tango tourist", with a repertoire of groundbreaking, yet venerable tango arrangements. With "Alma Herida" Julie invokes the immense emotional potential of overtones in the deep register of the harp with the help of new tango harp techniques. This leads us to the soul-destroying adaptation of J.C. Cobián's "Los Mareados" by the duo. They will also present some of their characteristic compositions, influenced by Norwegian and Celtic folk music and the Argentine tango.

Line up:

  • Andreas Rokseth (bandoneon)
  • Julie Rokseth (harp)