Tangoclub Paviljoen de Witte

Tangoclub Paviljoen de Witte

Sunday September 18th, 2016 – 16:00 – 23:00 hrs

Live music

Trio Tango Extremo. Tango Extremo has experienced a remarkable growth since its inception in 2003. The orchestra has given concerts at almost all large- and small concert halls in the Netherlands. Also a great number of country has met the ensemble. The group was founded by violinist Tanya Schaap. She is the artistic driving force behind this ensemble.

The group’s repertoire is very wide and very special mention in his style. Influences including classical music, jazz and Brazilian music are combined with ‘tango nuevo’.

The group has in recent years specialized in the music of the Argentine River Plate area and several crossovers from tango nuevo idiom. All musically interesting and great to dance on. Click here to read more

At Tangoclub Paviljoen de Witte you will meet the following musicians: Tanya Schaap – Violin, Rob van Kreeveld – Piano, Sandor Kem – Double Bass.

More to find on their MySpace page:  https://myspace.com/quintetotangoextremo

Live music will be played at 19:00 and 20:30hrs

The rest of the evening, live music is presented by DJ Sid. Read the interview: The playing field of DJ Sid

Click here to buy ticketsDinner

A two-course dinner will be served during the evening. The chief of the White Pavilion has put together a special menu for us again, consisting of two courses.

The mail course will be served at 18:30. The desert is served between the first and second set of live music.

Main course, a choice of meat or vegetarian

Black Angus & truffle – Bovine Breech gently cooked | Lukewarm potato salad | dressing of veal and truffle | oesterzwammetjes | macadamia

Black truffle (vega) – Creamy risotto | arugula | peccorino | baked eryngi


Dessert Chef – The chef takes you on a journey through his best desserts.

During the dinner drinks are served at the table. You can pay with coins which are available at the entrance.

Click here to buy ticketsLocation

We will end the summer season of 2016 on one of the most beautiful places of The Hague. Tangoclub Paviljoen de Witte. A place that’s most of the time closed for visitors. Especially for lovers of great food and live tango music. Come and enjoy the sunny terrace with sea view, the 2 course dinner and of course the best live tango music.

Royal ‘touch’

This tango club has a royal touch. White pavilion is a country house in Scheveningen. It was built in 1827 by order of King William I as a birthday present for his wife Queen Frederica Louisa Wilhelmina of Prussia. She had to stay much at sea owing to her health and drew and painted a lot. The pavilion was built in a neoclassical design of Adrian North Village in the shape of a cross and two current gods, Waal and Maas with trident with oar at the entrance.

Dancing in the Zeezaal

For people who like to dance, we reserved the Zeezaal. For dancers that don’t enjoy the dinner, we have seats around the dancing floor. You are welcome to dance from 16:00 – 23:00 hrs. We sell soup at the bar. This can be payed with coins that are available at the entrance.

Click here to buy ticketsAccessibility

The location is well served by public transport. We have a small number of parking places in front of the location which can be reserved during the ordering of you ticket. Parking is also possible in the parking of the Kurhaus or at the Circus Theatre. In the parking it costs € 0.60 per 15 minutes. On-street parking can be up to two hours and costs € 2.60 per hour.


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