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On top of a dune top, with unobstructed sea view, you find Paviljoen de Witte. The former summer palace of Queen Wilhelmina is a perfect venue to experience the magic of the Argentinian Tango. Through the collaboration with Festival Classique, we can offer you a special musical and culinary evening. Of course, with one of the most beautiful dance floors in the NetherlandsClick here to buy tickets

Live music

Simone van der Weerden - BandoneonSimone van der Weerden grew up in a musical family in Someren and started playing accordion at an early age. At her 17th, she began her studies at the Tilburg Conservatory. There she came into contact with tango music and the bandoneon. Since then she has attended classes including Roberto Alvarez, Julian Peralta, Victor Hugo Villena and Leo Vervelde. In 2014 she graduated from the Rotterdam Conservatory. Earlier that year she won the first prize at the International Bandoneon Solo Competition in Klingenthal, Germany. In May 2016, Simone was at the bandoneon festival in Joinville, Brazil.

Website: www.simonevanderweerden.com

Pianist Wim Warman begins his carrier at the Rotterdam Conservatory. In addition to his main subject Hammond organ, he developed his piano play in different genres. Between 1995 and 1999 he was a pianist of the Sexteto Canyengue, founded by Leo Vervelde and Carel Kraayenhof. As a pianist he developed his own style that is a mix of jazz, latin, tango and classical music. Wim still performs in various occupations with which he hears the different angles of tango music.

Website: www.wimwarman.com

Live sets will be played at: 19:15 and 20:45hrs.

In addition to live music DJ Oliver (Gouda) takes care of the music. His broad musical taste and in-depth knowledge of all aspects of Tango music make him a versatile DJ. He is a familiar face to international tango events. He also carries out a radio program dedicated to tango music.

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In the Zijzaal, a 2-course dinner is served at your table. You can choose between vegetarian and meat at your order. There you can also specify your dietary requirements. At 18:30 we serve the main course. The dessert is served after the first set of live music. We will mix live music and dinner so you do not have to miss anything.

Diner tijdens Tangoclub Paviljoen de WitteMain course, a choice between meat and vegetarian:

Tasting O ‘Sullivan Beef Shoulder Hare | Mousseline of shalot and balsamic | Potato / celeriac gratin | spaghetti of cut bean | Calffish with smoked garlic

Risotto with Dutch spinach | Poached farm egg | Grilled green asparagus | Hollandaise vadouvan | Garden beans


Dutch bramen | Red velvet cake | Creme anglaise with lavender | Hazelnut | Cream cheese | Atsina cress

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Where can you close the summer season better than in Tangoclub Paviljoen de Witte. Enjoy the free view over the sea. A place that is usually not open to the public. Especially for lovers of good food and beautiful live music. Come enjoy the sunny terrace, the 2 course dinner and of course the most beautiful live tango music.

Royal touch

This tango club has a royal touch. Paviljoen de Witte is an former palais in Scheveningen. It was built in 1827 by King Willem I as a birthday present for his wife Queen Frederica Louisa Wilhelmina of Prussia. She had to stay close to the sea in connection with her health and painted and painted a lot. The pavilion was built to a neoclassical design of Adriaan Noordendorp in the form of a cross and with two streamers, Waal with tripod and Maas with rowing pan at the entrance.
Zeezaal Paviljoen de Witte

Dancing in the Zeezaal

During the Tangoclub Paviljoen de White the Zeezaal is available for dancing. For dancers who do not dine, chairs around the dance floor are available. The dance floor is open from 16:00 to 23:00. Soup is available for dancers. This can be charged with coins at the bar.

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Accessibility and parking

We have a small number of places for the door that can be reserved when making your reservation. Parking is possible in the nearby Kurhaus’s garage or at the Circustheater. In the garages, parking costs are € 0.60 per 15 minutes. Parking on the street can up to 2 hours and costs € 2.60 per hour.


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