Tangoclub Kasteel Maurick

Tangoclub Kasteel Maurick

Dutch Tangoclub Kasteel MaurickTangoclub Kasteel Maurick

Sunday October 30th, 2016 – 16:00 – 23:00 hrs

Live music: Kay Sleking en Martin de Ruiter

Kay Sleking & Martin de Ruiter tijdens Tangoclub Kasteel MaurickMartin de Ruiter studied accordion at the Amsterdam School of the Arts, and chamber music at the Rotterdam Conservatory. At first, he concentrated mainly on contemporary music. In 1992 he started playing bandoneon in the ensemble Che Tango. In 1995 he founded the quartet El Conjunto, an ensemble which he later expanded to the quintet Conjunto Nuevo. He was on this stage in the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Uruguay and Argentina and appeared in several TV programs (among others’ Reiziger in Music’, ‘Zaal Hollandia’ and ‘De Wereld draait door’ )

Kay Sleking began his guitar studies at the Amsterdam Conservatory and then at the Rotterdam Conservatory in the department of classical music. Then, during his period at the Department of Argentinean Tango, he studied with Gustavo Beytelmann and he went to Berlin to take lessons from tango guitarist Coco Nelegatti. As tango guitarist, he graduated with honors in 2000 and received the ESSO stimulationaward. Through his sublime technique, he can make a bridge between the classical methodology, with a polyphonic play and a distinct classical tone treatment, and Porteño-style, in which the rhythmic, melodic phrasing and improvisational harmonic and melodic character of Argentine tango one of the key ingredients is.

Kay Sleking and Martin de Ruiter play classic tangos in playful arrangements. Besides the traditional tango repertoire they play compositions by Astor Piazzolla. In 2012 Kay and Martin opened together Bandoneonfestival in Krefeld. In addition, the duo is a very popular combination at milongas. Together they made the CD Tango Noche. Click to listen to the de CD.

Live sets are played at 19:00 and 20:30hrs


A two-course dinner will be served during the evening. The chief of the White Pavilion has put together a special menu for us again, consisting of two courses.

The mail course will be served at 18:30. The desert is served between the first and second set of live music.

2 course dinner during Tangoclub Kasteel MaurickMain course, a choice of meat and veg
Meat: Beef citron ravioli sour meat – parsnip cream with almond – red cabbage – potato gratin – Brussels sprouts – red wine jus

Vegetarian: Ratatouille – knoflookbeignet – salsa verde – zucchini – potato gratin with olive oil

Dessert, a choice between

Unhinged pie with the flavors of raisin – apple – cinnamon – star anise

Passion – mango – yogurt – white chocolate


Tangoclub Kasteel MaurickMaurick Castle in Vught has a long and eventful history. The first mention of the castle dates back to 1312. Presumably, the castle between 1504 and 1509 rebuilt by Jan Heyns, one of the architects of the St. John’s Cathedral in Den Bosch. The oldest part of the current castle dates from 1400 and comsist of the entrance between two slim towers. The pointed arch of a port can be reached via a drawbridge. The middle part of the building has two suspension towers. Behind it is the main tower topped by a slate covered spire. The right wing is only partially 17th century, the rest was added in the late 19th century.

The castle is situated on an island in the river Dommel. A nice place for a special day out.

For dancers

For dancers, a dance floor is available in the conservatory. For dancers who are not dining there are chairs around the dance floor available. The dance floor is open from 16:00 to 23:00 hours. For dancers soup available. This can be bought with coins, availble at the entrance.


Maurick Castle is located along the A2 and is perfectly accessible by car. Parking at the castle is free. Also with public transport, the castle is easily accessible. From the railway station in Vught is a 15 minute walk to the castle.