Tangoclub Kasteel de Haar

Tangoclub Kasteel de Haar

Sunday January 8th, 2017 – 16:00 – 22:30hrs

Tangoclub Kasteel de Haar



Live music


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The Carriage House of Kasteel de Haar is on the edge of the famous estate. When you enter through te gate, you can follow the fire pits on the way to the entrance. In the grote laverie we have a nice spacious place where you can feel the history of this illustrious location.

Tangoclub Kasteel de Haar in the Koetshuis

Dessert during Tangoclub Kasteel de Haar

A festive dinner

This year for the first time we serve a festive two-course dinner at your table in Tango Club Kasteel de Haar. You can book the dinner in advance. You can choose between a vegetarian main dish or meat. So, no buffet with a row this year. But with linen covered tables in the ballroom.

The main course is served at 18:30. The dessert is served after the first set of live music

A festive dinner during Tangoclub Kasteel de HaarMain course, a choice between meat and vegetarian:

(Meat) Dry aged sirloin steak – mashed sundried tomatoes – zucchini pasta – snow peas – cream of chervil and parsnip – Madeira jus

(Vegetarian) Polenta – puree of sun-dried tomatoes – zucchini pasta – snow peas – cream of chervil and parsnip – lemongrass sauce


cinnamon pannacotta – chocolate brownie – star anise foam – stewed pears – pear in bastogne.

Live music

For this occasion we have arranged a special Dutch International Tango Week Trio. The trio consists of well-known names of international playing musicians. During this Tango Club will perform for you: Wim Warman (piano), Kay Sleking (guitar) and Radboud post (violin). They take you on a journey through the wonderful world of tango music. A playful journey of improvisation and well known classics. Unlike many tango ensembles composed this occupation to improvise too. They fit in seamlessly with the dancers on the dance floor and they bring a new dynamic to the tango.

Live music sets will be played on 19:00 and 20:15hrs

Live music during Tangoclub Kasteel de Haar

DJ: The live music is complemented by DJ Nino Bien. In his own way he fills completed the evening with classical sounds with beautiful melodic danceable songs.


Tangoclub Kasteel de Haar is organized in collaboration with Sterrensalons Utrecht and made possible by Koetshuis de Haar


Parking at Kasteel de Haar is included in your ticket (worth 4 euros). A visit to the castle gardens is included in the price of the card (4 euros).