Dutch International Tangoweek

Ensemble Hyperion

"A unique performance for The Netherlands"

Bio and Occupation

The Italian Ensemble Hyperion was founded in 1992. Since then this large orchestra has specialized in contemporary tango music and is inspired by the repertoire of Astor Piazzola. Since their foundation, they have given more than 1,000 shows on various stages throughout Europe. Both at renowned tango festivals as well as during various theatre tours and concerts, they bring their audience into higher spheres through their beautiful sounds.

They sometimes have different line-ups and often collaborate with other professional European musicians and singers. They have also played for well-known international tango maestros such as Sebastian Arce & Mariana Montes and Chicho Frumboli & Juana Sepulveda. We are very proud that Ensemble Hyperion is our main act on Sunday 9 June. Dance, listen and enjoy this versatile orchestra.


  • Gino Zambelli - Bandondeon
  • Bruno Fiorentini - Flute
  • Roberto Piga - Violin
  • Davide d'Ambrosio - Gitar
  • Guido Bottaro - Piano
  • Danilo Grandi - Double Bass
  • Martin Troncozo - Singer

Sunday, June 9th(2)

  • Rotisserie

    21.00 - 21.45

    Concert with dancingfloor (Tangoclub)

  • Rotisserie

    23.00 - 23.45

    Concert with dancingfloor (Tangoclub)