Dutch International Tangoweek

Discover the country and the culture

Perito Morenogletsjer

Discover the secret places of Argentina

You probably know them, the highlights of Argentina. Places not to be missed when visiting this beautiful country: they are on everyone's wish list. Think of La Boca and the famous Plaza de Mayo in Buenos Aires, the Perito Moreno Glacier and Lake Argentina in Patagonia or the Iguazu Falls in the far north.

Undiscovered areas

But there is much more to discover in this beautiful land of tango. You often don't find these secret spots when you don't know your way around or when you don't have enough time to deviate from the beaten track. That's a pity, because the undiscovered areas and places often give you a glimpse into the real culture and history of Argentina.

Iguazu Watervallen

Tailor-made travel

Do you intend to visit this beautiful country? Or are you just curious about what else Argentina has to offer? Amedida Travel is a specialist in tailor-made holidays to Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. Their trips are never the same but always customized to your needs.

Visit the presentation

During the Dutch International Tangoweek, Amedida Travel will give a presentation about Argentina, the culture and their experiences in this versatile country. You will hear stories of passionate people who would like to share their love for Argentina with you. Amedida takes you to special and undiscovered destinations, unique locations and small-scale, atmospheric accommodations. Join us and get inspired! Admission to this presentation is free.