Dutch International Tangoweek

De Moed om te Vertrekken

"Join the land movers and discover their story"

Bio and line up

More than a hundred years ago, millions of Europeans sought refuge on the banks of the Rio de la Plata. They embarked on an adventure and travelled to an unknown destination in search of a better life. The confrontation with the present population and culture resulted in a new form of music and dance: the Tango.


With their own translations of old and new Argentine tango songs and their own compositions, Kees Scholten, Margreet Markerink and Emmy Storms take you to a world of harbor pubs, rental barracks, brothels and to the souls of people who have the courage to leave. Feel the nostalgia for that which is left behind. Fiery and passionate, but also brought with humour. Stories about illusions, adventure, love, failure and frustration.


With this program they won the 10th Utrechts Kleinkunstfestival in 2018.


Line up:

  • Singer - Kees Scholten
  • Piano - Margreet Markerink
  • Violin – Emmy Storms
  • Translation and story  - Kees Scholten
  • Music - Margreet Markerink, Anibal Troilo, Edgardo Donato, Astor Piazzolla


Kees Scholten
Kees Scholten (1958) graduated from the Maastricht Drama Academy in 1984. He played with various theatre companies such as Scholengroep Centrum (at the time of Maria Goos), Art&Pro by Frans Strijards and Els inc. around director Arie de Mol. At the end of the 1980s Kees Scholten came into contact with Jef Hofmeister and founded the Volksoperahuis with him, where he has been artistic director, actor, singer and director ever since. Scholten also works as a director of the Buurtsoap de Wasserette, which has been running for ten years, large community art performances such as De Vloek op Scheveningen. Occasionally he appears as an actor in films and TV series. His love for tango -both dance and music- led him to throw himself into singable Dutch translations.

Margreet Markerink
After a classical study at the conservatory Margreet specialized in composing, arranging and performing Argentine tango music under the supervision of the well-known pianist/composer Gustavo Beytelmann and bandoneonist/pianist Carel Kraayenhof at the Rotterdam Conservatory. Argentine tango music has become her greatest inspiration. For more than 10 years Margreet has performed with Tango Dorado with great pleasure at home and abroad. Currently she plays a lot with Tangata, but also with The Hague Chamber Orchest and Ensemble Four Seasons. In 2008 Margreet won the national CHOCLO composition prize for new tango dance music with 5 compositions of her own. In 2017 her CD 'Moving Friends' was released with a.o. 12 of her own compositions.

Emmy Storms
Emmy Storms (1988) started playing the violin at the age of 5 according to the Suzuki method with Stieneke Voorhoeve-Poot. After that she was taught at the Royal Conservatoire in The Hague by Qui van Woerdekom, Koosje van Haeringen and at the Bachelor and Master programs of Jaring Walta. In June 2012 she also completed the (Orchestra) Master programme with Walta with a 10 with distinction for Musical Artisticity. Emmy has won prizes at the Rabobank Competition, the Princess Christina Competition and the Iordens Viooldagen. In 2011 she was awarded the Anton Kersjes Prize and in 2019 the GrachtenfestivalPrijs. Emmy plays in Trio Suleika and the Magma Duo. Emmy also loves different kinds of folk music, such as Irish fiddle, Jewish klezmer, tango and gypsy music. Emmy plays on a violin made by Willem Bouman, made available to her by the National Musical Instruments Fund.



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