Dutch International Tangoweek

Cuarteto Rotterdam (DE)

"In search of the diverse sounds of the past and present"

Bio and line up

The quartet was founded in 2004 during their joint study at the Rotterdam Academy of World Music (study tango) and is named after its "birthplace". Since 2007 the musicians of the quartet live in Berlin and Stuttgart.


For them tango is passion, virtuosity and strength. Conscious of tradition, they bring the initially even happier tangos of the "Guardia Vieja" to the stage with great ease. They present the golden age of tango of the 40's in a compact quartet sound with the highlights of the great orchestras such as Di Sarli, Troilo, D'Arienzo, Pugliese or Salgán.

In addition, the quartet feels so connected to the demanding Tango Nuevo composer Astor Piazzolla that the deep melancholy and complexity of this music is always palpable. The musicians are also curious about the new in tango. In their quest for the tango of the 21st century, they present Argentinean and European tango compositions of the present in their concert & dance programme.

During the Dutch International Tangoweek they will play in a 'Tangoclub' setting, which means that the concert will be open to listeners and dancers.

Line up:

  • Michael Dolak (DE) - Bandoneon
  • Susanne Cordula Welsch (DE) - Violin
  • Judy Ruks (NL) - Piano
  • Anna-Maria Huhn (De) - Contrabass



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