,,Those in the Netherlands who think of Argentine Tango usually think of the virtuoso concerts of grandmaster Astor Piazzolla. Performed in concert halls or theaters and in the familiar setting of an artist on stage and the audience neatly lined up on chairs,” begins Frank Perquin. He is the director of the Dutch International Tango Week, which again this year shows that tango music is much more.

“Tango music, like the dance that goes with it, was born of improvisation,” he explains. “Only at a later stage was the music described and concerts created. Dutch International Tangoweek brings that improvised form back to the stage. “Our goal is to show and hear Argentine Tango in its broadest form,” he continues. ,,With concerts, dance and poetry. And that includes the improvised tango”.

Jazz vibraphonist Vincent Houdijk will provide a special concert together with Wim Warman on piano and Radboud Post on violin. “The gentlemen are going to make an improvised party together,” Perquin said. ,,A delight for listeners and, of course, for dancers. In the jazz world, improvised music is no longer a special feature. We want to show that it is also an undeniable part of the genesis of tango music. That is why I am immensely pleased that these professionals are willing to commit to this”.

The Dutch Tangoweek foundation has been organizing events since 2009 that focus on the authentic Argentine Tango in all its manifestations. Perquin: ,,The Dutch International Tango Week is the only place in Europe where so much live tango music can be seen together in a program that is interesting for both listeners and dancers. That we can add improvised tango is a great step forward in the development of the festival.” This year’s Dutch Tangoweek will be held with an audience on August 21 and 22 at Het Muntgebouw in Utrecht.

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