You don’t dance on tangomusic. Tangomusic mákes you dance

,,Tango Music is incredibly versatile. Starting with strong rhythmic classic songs to beautiful dramatic melodic”, Selmar, aka DJ Angel begins his argument. A few years ago he’s touched by the tango music and immerses himself in all aspects. ,, Many milongas only play old music. I think that is unfortunate. In my view, in that way you don’t respect the many musicians who are playing the music nowadays”.

During Tangoclub Maurick Castle he stands behind the mixer. Between the live sets of Trio & More TangoZZ he will let visitors dance ,,The old music is beautiful. You can hear the creaks and squeaks. It is the charm of the music from that time. If you complement and alternate that music with modern versions and interpretations of the best musicians, you can create a great musical evening”.

DJ Angel is aware that not all dancers handle the music. ,,Melodic music demands more of the musicality of the dancer. It demands that you let the music touch you. It is more than relying on all known figures and patterns. It is really about dancing. Still, I’m sure that if you let the music touch you, you automatically start dancing”. He is very passionate when he talks about his love for diverse tango music. A passion he regularly spread in Haarlem and Den Bosch.

During Tango Club Castle Maurick he will surprise dancers and listeners with a diverse selection of beautiful music. From rhythmic to lyrical classic and special. ,,In order to move people”, he explains. ,,New versions of familiar classics are often very inspiring. A classic signature with an interesting twist in modern performances. ”

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