DJ Mateo el Fino – Discover the full width of classical Tango music

,, Tango is a very broad musical genre. I felt that as a dancer was not sufficiently served by DJs. That was the reason to get involed in the music”, says tango DJ Mateo el Fino. The Dutch DJ, in everyday life called Thijs Wientjes, became fascinated by the music during dancing. ,,Thanks to one of my maestros I gathered more and more knowledge of the orchestras of the old days. I noticed that some of these music was never played at dances”.

It was the beginning of a quest in the fascinating world of tango music. ,, Thanks to a special couple of dance teachers, I discovered more and more orchestras. Many of which are not offered to dancers during dance-evenings”. In his voice echoes melancholy . ,, I myself am a dancer who loves dancing to the tune. On intuition. Most DJs use especially rhythmic orchestras”. DJ el Fino has an extensive collection of music from different orchestras. The well-known and lesser known. Rhythmic and melodic. To whip up a floor or to just make peace on a dance floor.

Mateo is a classic DJ. And yet his music is not jerky or shrill. ,, Many classic DJs focus on a limited choice of music recorded in a time recording techniques were not optimal. Many of these recordings are shrill. By making a broader selection of music, it is possible to rotate very interesting and varied. So it remains exciting dancing and dancers can completely focus on your feeling in the dance. ”

The Dutch DJ who is based in Enschede name is Thijs Wientjes. In his blog he writes how he got his stage name: ,, How do you pronounce in German or Spaniard out how Thijs? Through the origin of Thijs, Mathijs and Matthew you come in Spanish on Mateo. ” The second part of his name is put to him by a maestro. El Fino, sophisticated, very fit with the style of the music that he likes the most. And it is a tribute to dancer Ramon Rivera. He was nicknamed Fino or Finito and was in his time a dancer lovely soft and stylistic dancing the tango brought.