De Mariënhof – Amersfoort

De Marienhof - Hidden Pearl

The Mariënhof is over 500 years old and has a rich history. Walking through the monumental building you can still taste the atmosphere of bygone times. This authentic atmosphere characterizes the Mariënhof and makes it unique.

1479-1547 Celzusteren Sint Ursela
When around 1450 a new city wall was built in Amersfoort, the grounds of the Mariënhof came to lie within the city walls

1547-1611 Housing for the Monks
In 1547, Augustijner monks from Soest became co-residents of the monastery.

1611 - 1932 Civil Orphanage
In 1611 the last monk died and the Mariënhof was made available by the city government to the Burgerweeshuis.

1932 - 1949 Youth hostel
After the Burgerweeshuis the Mariënhof was a youth hostel for a period.

1949 - 1988 Rijksdienst Oudheidkundig Bodemonderzoek
After a thorough restoration from 1949 to 1951, the monastery served as a location for the Rijksdienst Oudheidkundig Bodemonderzoek.

1990 - 1991 Restoration
In 1990 a new restoration followed for the Mariënhof. A new part was built between the monastery and the church.

1994 - 2001 Restaurant Jon Sistermans
In 1994 the well-known Chef Jon Sistermans started with two restaurants in the Mariënhof. Both the restaurant and the Rotisserie of the Mariënhof got a Michelin star in that period.

2001 - 2014 Exploitation of Den Tweel / Regardz Hospitality Group
Restaurant Mariënhof is acquired in 2001 by Van Den Tweel Horeca Group and continues as '' Kloosteralons Mariënhof ''.

2014 - present The Attention Group
From 1 June 2014, the Mariënhof will be operated by The Attention Group. With its rich history, the Mariënhof is a unique meeting, conference and event location.