BREAKING NEWS: Dutch International Tangoweek 2019 during Whitsun weekend

During the Whitsun weekend 2019, from 8 to 10 June, the Netherlands will be dedicated to the Argentine Tango during the Dutch International Tangoweek. A unique tango festival where live music is the focus and you can enjoy the most beautiful locations and culinary indulgence. We are taking the successful concept of the Dutch Tangoclub to a new level,” explains Frank Perquin. He is business leader of the Dutch Tangoweek Foundation and under his leadership the Dutch Tangoclubs developed into a successful musical concept.

We are very proud that we have found a number of special partners who help us to develop the Tangoclub into a festival concept of 3 days”, he continues his story. Live performed, the Argentine Tango is a special and inspiring musical movement”. From our start we have said that we want to give the Tango a festival that matches the quality of the music”.

A unique festival

Perquin explains that the goal of the Tangoweek Foundation is a unique festival. There are many tango festivals, even in the Netherlands. Most are a combination of a number of dance evenings and workshops. We clearly go one step further. We take the successful parts of an ‘ordinary’ festival and build on it in a unique way with special additions”. He indicates that in the coming months, step by step more information will be given. ,,I have no doubt that, just like our Tangoclubs, this will be an event you don’t want to miss”.

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