BREAKING NEWS: Dutch International Tangoweek 2019 during Whitsun weekend

During the Whitsun weekend 2019, from 8 to 10 June, the Netherlands will be dedicated to the Argentine Tango during the Dutch International Tangoweek. A unique tango festival where live music is the focus and you can enjoy the most beautiful locations and culinary indulgence. We are taking the successful concept of the Dutch Tangoclub […]

DJ Mateo el Fino – Discover the full width of classical Tango music

,, Tango is a very broad musical genre. I felt that as a dancer was not sufficiently served by DJs. That was the reason to get involed in the music”, says tango DJ Mateo el Fino. The Dutch DJ, in everyday life called Thijs Wientjes, became fascinated by the music during dancing. ,,Thanks to one […]

Trio Tango Extremo

Tango Extremo: ,, The development keeps the tango music alive. “

,, Tango music has been developping since the beginning”, Tanya Schaap explains. She is the artistic director of Tango Extremo since 2003. Today, the band can be considered to be one of the most leading tango ensembles in the Netherlands. ,, It’s nice, with respect to the history, to seek the renewal of the tango”. […]

Tango Extremo performing at Tangoclub de Witte

A real Dutch international tango company. That’s what Tango Extremo definitly is. They toured many countries and brought joy to many visitors with their music. In 2009 the ensemble was the only non-Argentine orchestra at the Buenos Aires Tango Festival. And on Sunday, September 18th they can be found in the Tangoclub Paviljoen de Witte. […]

Proud of the results of the first fiscal year

,,This was a great first year”, says Frank Perquin behalf of the Board of the Foundation Dutch International Tango Week. The fiscal year ended March 31, a few days after the successful Tangoclub Maurick Castle. ,, When I look back on the first year, then we can be proud on a great contribution to the […]

You don’t dance on tangomusic. Tangomusic mákes you dance

,,Tango Music is incredibly versatile. Starting with strong rhythmic classic songs to beautiful dramatic melodic”, Selmar, aka DJ Angel begins his argument. A few years ago he’s touched by the tango music and immerses himself in all aspects. ,, Many milongas only play old music. I think that is unfortunate. In my view, in that […]

Tangomusic has ‘the groove’

,, My left hand can influence a whole orchestra”, says pianist Wim Warman. For years he has an addiction to tango music. After graduating light music at the Rotterdam Conservatory, he came by chance in contact with the music. ,, I fulfilled my alternative service at the Rotterdam Conservatory. I did al kind of jobs. […]

Tangoclub Maurick Castle is special in more then one way

,,Coöperation and bundling of resources is the key to success. ” Frank Perquin representative of the Dutch International Tangoweek Foundation is proud. In collaboration with Selmar Duin of Tangosalon Mystic he organizes on Easter Monday the special Tangoclub Maurick Castle. ,, By joining forces, we can really offer something special”, Selmar adds. ,,We believe that […]

Recognition Dutch tax authorities for the Dutch Tangoweek foundation

Recognition Dutch tax authorities for Dutch Tangoweek Foundation Dancers and music lovers who love tango, are now supported by the tax authorities. The foundation Dutch International Tango Week received a status as General Benefit Institution (ANBI). Due to this recognition donations are up to 150% tax deductible. Secretary Frank Perquin is proud of the recognition: […]