The Argentine Tango in the Netherlands

We don’t hide our passion for the Argentine Tango. The multi-cultural heritage and the Netherlands have a special bond for a long time. In recent decades, however, it seems that this heritage is becoming extinct in the Netherlands. This is worrying and a great pity, in our opinion. That is why we like to dedicate ourselves to preservation.

When the Dutch Tangoweek Foundation started in 2013, after a pilot of several years, it looked bad for the Argentine Tango in the Netherlands. In the cultural sector in the Netherlands we mainly noticed a lack of knowledge about the music and culture movement. Concerts are only programmed to a very limited extent, despite the high musical quality available nationally and internationally.

Despite these developments, we are positive and hopeful about the opportunities for Argentine Tango in the Netherlands. The growth of our Tango clubs and the start of a multi-day festival are good signals. It is the basis on which we will continue to build in the coming years.

The Dutch Tangoweek Foundation

The Dutch International Tangoweek Foundation was founded in 2014. In the first phase we worked with the low-threshold Tangoclubs, a concept similar to a Jazz Club. With always the best (international) live music as center of attention. Since 2019 this has also grown into a multi-day festival that also attracts a lot of international attention.

Since our inception, the Tangoclubs have been a testing ground to test our marketing and to offer a stage to our artists. The Tangoclubs fill the gap left by the small (world music) stages such as Rasa (Utrecht) and Willem Twee Toonzaal (Den Boch) due to budget cuts. They play an important role in our distinctiveness and in discovering contemporary Tango talent.

Next to the board an advisory board has been set up. This board provides the board and the business leader with solicited and unsolicited advice. Members of the advisory board are appointed for a period of one year. Because of this, the foundation always has the knowledge needed to make the projects successful.

ANBI status and Cultural Gouvernance of the Dutch Tangoweek Foundation

The board of the Dutch Tangoweek Foundation consists of members who have no interests in the world of Argentine Tango or culture. Board members are selected on the basis of their management experience and the possibility to guide our complex processes in the coming years. Board members are not paid for their work.

The Tango is a musical genre that includes dance, music, poetry and singing. (…) Inscription of the element on the Representative List would contribute to visibility of intangible cultural heritage and a deeper understanding of the Tango as a regional expression resulting from the fusion of several cultures.

UNESCO Decision Intergovernemental commitee 4.COM 13.01

Our commitment to the protection of the Argentine Tango in the Netherlands led to a patronage for our festival by the Dutch Commission of Unesco in 2019.

Composition of the board:

  • Chairman: Hans Gerritse
  • Treasurer: Peter Russ
  • Secretary: Albert van Ool

Team members:

  • Business leader: Frank Perquin
  • Production leader: Floor Visser
  • Volunteer coordination: Myranda van der Spaa
  • Technique: Willem Borra